Dining Out For Life Spokespeople

Ted Allen (Photo by Peter Ross), Pam Grier, Mondo Guerra, and Daisy Martinez


from Food & Friends, Washington DC

Western North Carolina AIDS Project

Asheville, NC

Fighting AIDS by Dining Out in Florida!

Three delicious cities to choose from: Ft. Lauderdale, Jacksonville and Tampa Bay

The Aliveness Project

Minneapolis / St.Paul / Greater MN

The Center

San Diego

Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS

Metropolis restaurant, Scottsdale, AZ

Friends For Life and A Loving Spoonful

Ned Bell, Executive Chef of YEW restaurant + bar at the Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver

Project Angel Heart

Coloradoans eat for a cause

Dining Out in New York's Capital Region!

The Alliance for Positive Health spices things up in Albany.

Nashville Loves DOFL!

Tennessee Dines Out in Nashville.

Louisiana supports Dining Out For Life!

Diners in Baton Rouge.

Be a Superhero in the Fight Against HIV/AIDS!

Join our Super Spokespeople for Dining Out For Life.

Thank you for Dining Out For Life!

Our Outstanding AIDS Service Organizations appreciate your support.

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