Dining Out For Life in Palm Beach County

Compass Community Center is a proud new member of Dining Out For Life.

Unfortunately, new cases of HIV/AIDS are on the rise in South Florida, hitting Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County particularly hard.

Organizations like Compass are dedicated to reducing the number of new cases of HIV/AIDS and providing services to those who are currently living with the virus.

Please visit the Compass Website for more information on how we do this through HIV Prevention, Health Services and Case Management by clicking here.

Compass and Dining Out For Life

Compass became a participant in Dining Out For Life in 2018 and is experiencing it’s first Dining Out For Life event at participating restaurants on April 30, 2019. In Palm Beach County, all the restaurants that have joined us have agreed to donate 30% of their proceeds to Compass as a direct answer to address the HIV/AIDS crisis in our county.

Photo Credit: Julia Duresky/CAPEHART

Compass and Broward House

We are proud to work closely with Broward House, our neighbors to the south. Broward House is hosting Dining Out For Life events on April 25, 2019. We encourage as many people in Palm Beach County to take a trip to the many participating restaurants in Broward County.

For more information on Dining Out For Life in Broward County, please click here.

Compass Community Center

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