Jack: The Perfect Recipe

Jack has HIV, end-stage renal disease, and battles addiction. When he came to Moveable Feast, he was having trouble managing his medical conditions.  He was extremely underweight, had poor eating habits and a low appetite. He was skipping HIV medications and dialysis treatments. He had just started an addiction recovery program but was not motivated to stick with it.

At his first visit with Moveable Feast, a dietitian met with him to discuss how to follow a diet for renal disease and eat healthier. Moveable Feast began providing him with healthy food and meals he could prepare at home.

Six months later, Jack was almost unrecognizable. He had gained weight and adopted healthier eating habits. He was taking his medication, going to dialysis treatments, and had graduated from a 90-day drug rehabilitation program. Jack is often too tired to cook after his dialysis treatments but can easily prepare Moveable Feast meals in a microwave oven. He enjoys the fresh produce Moveable Feast provides and is grateful that the meals have helped him save money on groceries. Jack’s story is an example of how healthy food, nutrition education, and medicine can work together to help improve quality of life.

Moveable Feast provided fresh produce and microwaveable meals to improve Jack's quality of life