Joe: Life Saving Meals

Chicken noodle soup. Beef bolognese. White bean stew and veggie-infused mac ‘n cheese. These are just some of the meals that Project Angel Heart has been delivering to Joe and his elderly mother, who he cares for.  

Joe has AIDS and was recently diagnosed with cancer. He has had a difficult time eating and maintaining weight because of intense chemotherapy treatments.   

Project Angel Heart delivers nourishing meals to Joe and his mother each week. All of the meals are prepared by professional chefs using fresh ingredients and modified to meet Joe’s medical and dietary needs. Joe also has dental issues that make it difficult for him to chew, so Project Angel Heart makes sure that all his meals contain soft or pre-cut ingredients that are easy to eat. Project Angel Heart also delivers a weekly breakfast bag that is packed with hard-boiled eggs, yogurt and peanut butter for extra protein and calories. 

The meals are like medicine for Joe, strengthening his body and soul. They also make it easier for Joe to care for his mother. “The meals are just phenomenal. They are easy to make and easy to eat. It keeps me out of the food pantry and food banks and makes a huge difference in my grocery bills. These meals are a lifesaver.”

Meals from Project Angel Heart strengthen Joe so he can care for his mother