Bob: Inspiration Grows

I have always relied on trust, faith, and hope to get me through the challenges in life. I was diagnosed with HIV in 2000 and leukemia in 2016. During these challenging times, I put my trust in medical professionals to guide me through my illnesses. 

But it wasn’t just doctors and nurses who helped me. I was blessed to receive nutritious food and dietary counseling from Food for Thought.  Their registered dietitian nutritionist put me on nutritional supplements and helped increase my calorie intake so I could get strong enough for cancer treatment. Today I can say I’m both an HIV survivor and a cancer survivor. I’m so thankful for all the support I received from Food for Thought. They helped me keep faith and hope that I would be okay. 

I want to give back and help others in need by growing vegetables and flowers for Food for Thought. My hope is that this will inspire other clients to have the trust, faith, and hope that I did when I first came to them for help.

I want to give back by growing food for Food for Thought