Cameron: Clearing The Hurdles

Cameron was living in deplorable conditions at a social (low-income) housing facility while battling addiction. He steadily lost weight while his health deteriorated. Cameron was then diagnosed with HIV and soon after, suffered a stroke. Further complicating his situation, he needed his teeth extracted.  

Before his discharge from a months-long stay at a hospital, a registered dietician from A Loving Spoonful met with Cameron. She came up with a plan that met his dietary needs and addressed his dental situation. Following dental surgery, A Loving Spoonful provided Cameron with minced meals. Once healed, Cameron was ready to move on to A Loving Spoonful’s regular meal service. With the help of meals, groceries and nutritional counseling, he began to gain the weight he lost and improve his overall health. 

Cameron was now strong enough to get a job. He became a maintenance staff person at a social housing facility and A Loving Spoonful helped him secure better housing.  At his six-month review, Cameron reported that he was close to full health and optimal weight and ready to cook for himself. He was looking forward to being self-sufficient in his new life and wanted to free up space for someone else in need of A Loving Spoonful’s services.

A Loving Spoonful's meals and dietary advice helped Cameron build a better life for himself