Ron: True Friends

I found out I was HIV positive 18 years ago. At the time, I knew nothing about HIV and felt overwhelmed and isolated. So many friends abandoned me. I wanted to end my life.

I was so devastated by my HIV status.  One day, I found myself standing on a bridge, ready to jump. A friend stopped me from jumping. He saved my life and brought me to live with him. I found Pierce County Aids Foundation (PCAF) and with their help, I learned to live and flourish despite my HIV diagnosis 

At PCAF, I found a community and true friends. Soon after I began feeling better, I wanted to give back to the community that helped me so much, and became a PCAF Community Advisory Board member.  I’m especially committed to helping others in my deaf community find PCAF’s resources and services. I reach out to deaf people who don’t have an interpreter, and I share what I’ve learned through PCAF.  

PCAF turned my life around and opened so many doors. Here, I have built friendships with people who have become my family, my true family.

PCAF has become my true family