Actress Pam Grier to attend Dining Out For Life® hosted by Subaru® on April 27

Dining Out For Life hosted by Subaru Spokeperson Pam Grier will help raise awareness for HIV/AIDS issues on April 27, 2017.


Actress Pam Grier will participate in the 27th Annual Dining Out For Life hosted by Subaru. The delicious fundraiser, that’s expected to raise more than $4 million to help fund essential HIV/AIDS services, will be held on April 27, 2017, when over 3,000 restaurants in 62 cities across North America will donate a generous portion of the day’s proceeds to their local HIV/AIDS Service organizations.

Subaru is a proud, decade-long Host Sponsor of Dining Out For Life, with nearly $40 Million raised to support HIV/AIDS services throughout the life of this partnership.

“As part of the Subaru Love Promise philanthropic platform, we remain committed to supporting the causes our drivers care most about, including joining the fight to overcome an HIV/AIDS epidemic that affects many in our local communities and millions around the world,” said Alan Bethke, senior vice president of marketing, Subaru of America Inc.

Pam Grier, one of the organization’s four national spokespeople, will attend the event in Charleston, South Carolina to help raise awareness for HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention.

“Dining Out For Life is all about the community spirit of dining together with family and friends for a great cause,” said Pam Grier, actress. “It’s an easy, fun way to support those in need, while enjoying food and meaningful conversation.”

Grier will also deliver Subaru Loves to Care packages containing a blanket, travel mug, red-ribbon shaped cookies and note of inspiration to clients and volunteers of the Ryan White Wellness Center, recognized nationally for providing quality care and innovative wellness programs for people living with HIV. The center is affiliated with the Roper St. Francis Healthcare system in South Carolina, a region which claims the highest number of heterosexual HIV transmission cases in the U.S. and ranks eighth overall for new infections annually.

“It couldn’t be easier to give back.  Grab breakfast on the way to work, have lunch with your coworkers, or meet a group of friends for dinner,” said Kim Butler, director of the Ryan White Wellness Center. “The restaurant does all the work and makes a donation on your behalf.”

2017 marks Grier’s seventh consecutive year as a Dining Out For Life spokesperson. Grier was the first African-American woman to headline action films, playing bold, powerful women in Coffy, Sheba Baby, Friday Foster, Foxy Brown, Jackie Brown and The L Word. Most recently, Grier appeared in Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare DLC and penned the best-selling memoir Foxy: My Life In Three Acts.

Dining Out For Life’s other spokespeople include Ted Allen, author and host of Food Network’s Chopped, Chef Daisy Martinez, star of Food Network’s Viva Daisy!, and designer Mondo Guerra, winner of Lifetime’s Project Runway All-Stars, who will join The Aliveness Project in Minneapolis, MN on April 27th for Dining Out For Life.


More than 3,000 restaurants in 62 cities across North America participate in Dining Out For Life.

WHEN: Thursday, April 27th, 2017 in most cities. Please note that some cities have alternate dates.

WHERE: Albany, Anchorage, Asheville, Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Birmingham/Mobile, Boston, Broward County, Fla., Buffalo, Central New York/Syracuse/Utica, Charleston, Chattanooga, Columbia, Denver/Boulder, Detroit, El Paso, Fort Collins/Northern Colorado, Grand Junction/Western Colorado,  Houston, Indianapolis, Inland Empire, Jacksonville, Kalamazoo/Southwest Michigan, Las Vegas, Lexington, Louisville, Memphis, Minneapolis/St. Paul/Greater Minneapolis, Nashville, New Haven, New Jersey, New Orleans, Norfolk/Virginia Beach, Orlando, Orange County, Palm Springs, Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley, Phoenix/Prescott, Portland, Ore., Raleigh, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Sonoma County, St. Louis, Tacoma/Olympia, Tampa Bay, Tulsa, Vancouver/Whistler, and Washington, D.C.

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Tomorrow’s Special: Savor A Satisfying Meal And Fight HIV/AIDS

Dining Out for Life® hosted by Subaru®

On Thursday, April 26, you can help those affected by HIV/AIDS in your city simply by dining out at a favorite restaurant. The annual Dining Out for Life® hosted by Subaru® is a unique event designed to bring people together over food to support this worthy cause. Over 3,000 restaurants will donate a generous percentage of the day’s receipts to a local AIDS service organization. An expected $4 million will be raised in just one day of dining.


Cities holding Dining Out for Life on April 26th include: Albany, Asheville, Birmingham, Cambridge/Boston, Charleston, Charlottesville, Chattanooga, Chicago, Columbia, Denver/Boulder, Detroit, Fairbanks, Ft. Walton Beach/Pensacola/Destin, Grand Rapids, Hampton Roads, Hudson Valley, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Kalamazoo, Kamloops (B.C.,) Kansas City, Lake Charles, Memphis, Minneapolis/St. Paul, New Haven, Northern Colorado, Northern Nevada, Palm Springs, Philadelphia, Phoenix/Prescott, Portland (ME), Portland(OR), Portsmouth, Providence, San Diego, St. Louis, San Francisco, Seattle, Silicon Valley, Tacoma/Olympia, Trenton(NJ), Tulsa, and Washington, DC. View participating restaurants and make a reservation at


According to Dining Out for Life President Stacie Walls-Beegle: “We have made significant progress in the fight against HIV/AIDS, however, there is much to be done. Support for people living with HIV/AIDS and the prevention of new infections is necessary to move forward.” The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 20 percent, as many as 240,000 of the 1.2 million Americans living with HIV/AIDS, do not even know they are infected and may unknowingly pass the disease on to others. New HIV/AIDS diagnoses are rising at alarming rates among youth ages 15 through 24.


“Subaru of America is proud to be part of this important event for the sixth consecutive year. We are deeply committed to this community and are invested in this cause nationally. Our nationwide network of Subaru dealers is also supportive of AIDS Service Organizations across the country,” stated Subaru of America Chief Marketing Officer Dean Evans.

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Helping A Community Thrive


At the Stone Soup Cafe in Memphis, the focus is on community. The restaurant’s moniker, for example, comes from a folktale  about travelers collaborating with a village to make and share a meal. Stone Soup Cafe, in only six months of being open, has done a wonderful job making that story come to life.


It’s about contribution,” says manager Troy Norwood. “Stone Soup and [ASO] Friends For Life try to celebrate that.” It doesn’t hurt, either, that the restaurant’s location is a great one when it comes to being immersed in a welcoming community. “We’re right across the street from the Gay and Lesbian Community of Memphis. We’re also across from the First Congressional Church – called the First Congo,” he adds. It’s a church that bills itself as “an open and affirming congregation.”


Everyone sees and feels the effects [of HIV/AIDS] in our community,” says Norwood. He notes that Cooper Young Historic District, the neighborhood that Stone Soup Cafe calls home, has had a recent resurgence. “Cooper Young is a community that thrived, and then it fell, and now it’s starting to thrive again. Because people came together to invest in it. People came to take ownership of it and revive it. It’s real strong,” Norwood adds. “Everyone here is really proud, real diverse. And that diversity is celebrated.”


To push the neighborhood to thrive even further, and help raise money and awareness in the area, Stone Soup Cafe will donate 50% of their breakfast profits. The fact that they serve only breakfast and lunch did not stop Troy and owners Emily Bishop and Sharron Johnson when making a decision about participating in Dining Out For Life. “We knew what Friends for Life is, and we thought, ‘Of course we’re going to do it!Not all restaurants do breakfast,” Norwood notes, “and we knew that people had other choices for restaurants that would be involved [with DOFL] for lunch or dinner.” So those in Memphis can Dine Out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner – how lucky!

From Diner To Donor: Business Owner Mike Runion Tells Us Why He Dines Out

Mike Runion is a Washington State native, business owner, artisan beer connoisseur, and a media sponsor for Dining Out for Life in Pierce County, WA.

Runion, co-founder of 7 Seas Brewing in Gig Harbor, WA, was inspired to join the fight against HIV/AIDS because of his own Dining Out experiences. “I’ve actually Dined Out for Life in the past, before we opened the company,” Runion said. “I thought it was really special that restaurants participate and donate money, and the fact that there are ambassadors at the event brings the human element to [it].”

7 Seas Brewing opened three years ago, and has acted as a media sponsor for DOFL ever since. “A lot of these major diseases [like HIV/AIDS] touch everyone in some fashion directly, a family member, or a friend,” Runion said. “I’ve had some really good friends impacted by [HIV/AIDS], so it impacts me.”

Seeing the emotional and physical tolls of HIV/AIDS motivated Runion and his co-founder to contribute to the fight against HIV/AIDS in their local community. “We take a lot of pride in our community, hometown, and Washington State in general,” Runion said, and so “we took the pro-activeness and initiative to get involved.”

Runion juggles his business needs with the community needs, thinking long and hard about which aspect of the community 7 Seas Brewing should contribute to. “[Pierce County AIDS Foundation] is very well organized, and they’ve built a relationship with us,” Runion said.

The organization and relationships that Pierce County AIDS Foundation is known for gave Runion the confidence that his donations were going to the right place. “[The] restaurant [industry] is one of the hardest businesses to make it in, and we’re willing to donate,” Runion said. “As our company grows, we hope our contribution will, too.”

On Thursday, April 26, 2012, over 70 participating South Sound restaurants will donate 25% of food & non-alcoholic beverage bill to support HIV/AIDS prevention, care and advocacy services in Pierce and Thurston Counties. To see a list of participating restaurants, click here.


Why Do You Dine Out?

Tell “Why You Dine Out” (in 60 seconds or less) for a chance to Win a trip for two to a city participating in Dining Out for Life International hosted by Subaru®


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When It Comes To Fundraising, TRIO In Palm Springs Is One High Roller

“A community like Palm Springs is a small town with a lot of big city people in it,” reflects Tony Marchese, owner of TRIO, the top fundraiser for Dining Out for Life 2011.

This small town opens its arms to AIDS prevention, treatment, and awareness, and, according to Marchese, this mentality “makes it more of a conversation than an issue. People are there to help.”

Marchese notes that it’s important to talk about AIDS, because it has a “workable future; [we’re] finding a solution.”

Desert AIDS Project (DAP) is the ASO in Palm Springs that has earned a national reputation as one of the most comprehensive HIV/AIDS services providers in the US. The funds raised at DOFL Palm Springs will go towards the continued growth and reach of DAP.

There will be 37 restaurants in the Palm Springs area opening their doors to patrons and DAP supporters on April 26, TRIO being one of them. Last year, Marchese and his team at TRIO raised $10,000 during DOFL. Yes, $10K in one night. This year the restaurant will be donating 60% of their proceeds to DAP, and is now open for both lunch and dinner.

“It’s a great way to raise money,” Marchese said, supporting DAP because it’s a well-run organization. “[They’re able] to feed 500 people a month,” Marchese noted. “[Dining Out for Life] is a once-a-year-event. You can go wherever you want and know that the money is going towards DAP,” and everything that DAP does is to help the Palm Springs community.

DAP provides health care and education in regards to HIV/AIDS. With the funds raised, DAP will be able to “support all the important programs they’re doing, and create a strong structure,” Marchese said. DAP is one of a few agencies operating an on-site medical clinic, a full range of client support services, and a comprehensive HIV education and prevention program, including free and confidential HIV testing.

The Magic Of Turning Regulars Into Donators

In the fight against HIV/AIDS, awareness is crucial. Groups like AIDS Project New Haven have been bolstered by dedicated communities, including businesses like Café Amici. The restaurant has used their vast clientele database to bring awareness—and funds—to AIDS Project New Haven.

“[Café Amici] wants to raise awareness for [AIDS Project New Haven],” owner Stephen Barraco said. “It’s a good cause, and a good fundraiser to work with,” adding that “people are becoming more educated about HIV/AIDS and are more aware,” because of the work being done by organizations like AIDS Project.

Each year since the restaurant’s opening in 2007, they have aimed to “get as many people in here as possible,” during the annual Dining Out for Life, said Barraco.

So how does Barraco bring in donations for AIDS Project New Haven? Advertising, and lots of it. “We have a lot of regular customers, and we send out an email to the distribution list,” which consists of about 800 patrons. The restaurant also uses its presence on Facebook and Twitter, with posts being sent out on a regular basis.

Barraco knows his clientele well, and knows that “people recognize the need for doing good in the community.”

Patrons can know that the restaurant is pledging 25% of the proceeds from Dining Out For Life on April 26 to AIDS Project New Haven, which works to help individuals, and their families, infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.

Inspire Us! Remind Us! Share With Us, And You Might Win A Trip For Two!

HIV/AIDS is a worldwide pandemic, affecting nearly 35 million people, but it’s more personal than that. We see the struggle in the lives of those we care for, and we recognize the ache in eyes of strangers. We are confronted with it everyday. The virus has entered all of our lives and our best defense is to ban together, encouraging one another with tales of our trials and triumphs, and replace fear with defiance.

You already know that Dining Out for Life raises money for HIV/AIDS services, but what’s just as important is the fact that it raises awareness. With so many people living with the disease it would be foolish to think that we don’t interact everyday with someone struggling. Your coworker might have it, or maybe your friend’s mother is infected. The severity of this pandemic begs us to give a voice to its sufferers, to regale each other with real life stories of hope, triumph, and even defeat.

You can help us against HIV/AIDS by telling us your story. Maybe it’s a story about how you struggle with HIV/AIDS, or an explanation of your sister’s grueling struggle. Tell us what it was like when your friend told you he contracted the disease. Have you ever dated someone who was infected? How did that experience shape you as a person and as a supporter of the fight against HIV/AIDS? People living with HIV/AIDS aren’t a statistic, they have a life, a background, and a journey that can – and should – be shared. Everyone is touched by this epidemic and everyone has a story, we want to hear yours.

If you can’t think of a personal story you wish to share, don’t fret. Tell us why you choose to support Dining Out for Life. Sure, it’s a great cause, raising millions for service organizations, connecting those who rally against the virus, and giving us an excuse to indulge in some decadent dishes. We know all that, now we want to hear what makes you dine out. Remind us how important it is to come together over dinner to share in the company of those we love.

Because we believe in the power of storytelling we are hosting a video contest, so get out your phones and video cams and prepare to share. We’ll make sure we have tissues at the helm. Record a video that tells us in 60 seconds or less why you choose to support Dining Out for Life, then upload it to our Facebook page. The deadline is midnight on April 8, 2012 so don’t delay! A panel of judges will choose their favorites and then let the public decide the winner by midnight of April 22, 2012.

You could be dining at the restaurant of your choice in the city of your choice! The winner of this contest gets treated to a three-day, two-night trip for two to any participating city in the continental United States. Round-trip airfare, some meals and hotel accommodations are included. So what are you waiting for? Tell us why you dine out and tell the world what you think about HIV/AIDS.

In addition, the city with the most entries will also receive a monetary prize for their local agency. So show support for your city and your compassion for those you love and send in your video! This is your chance to engage in a conversation about how HIV/AIDS touches all of us.



Tell “Why You Dine Out” (in 60 seconds or less) for a chance to Win a trip for two to a city participating in Dining Out for Life International hosted by Subaru®

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Lights…Camera…Action to Fight AIDS: Stars Create New Public Service Announcement

Mark Your Calendar for Dining Out For Life Hosted by Subaru®

April 26, 2012

Actress Pam Grier and Food Networks’ Ted Allen and Daisy Martinez joined together to show their support for the fight against HIV/AIDS in Philadelphia recently. The trio star in a new public service announcement for Dining Out For Life hosted by Subaru®, an annual fundraiser bringing foodies and restaurants together to help AIDS organizations across the country with one incredible day of dining out on April 26th. ShootersINC came to the table with production lead by Director Kris Magyarits and Executive Producer Cris Andrei. Matthew Burres served up editorial fare. View the 2012 Dining Out For Life PSA here.

“Sixty cities, over four million dollars raised in a single day, “ says Ted Allen, who has rallied for the cause for five years running. “Every time I say that, I get goose bumps.” Emmy Award-winning Allen is the host of Food Network’s Chopped and came to fame on Bravo’s groundbreaking hit series Queer Eye For the Straight Guy. A food maven, Allen has been a contributing editor to Esquire magazine since 1997. He volunteers his time to several charities. 2012 marks his fifth year as a spokesperson for Dining Out For Life hosted by Subaru®.

Pam Grier gained international fame in the 1970s, starring in movies such as Coffy and Foxy Brown. In 1997, she was the inspiration and title character in Quentin Tarantino’s Jackie Brown. On TV, she starred on Showtimes’ The L Word and makes frequent guest appearances on Law & Order: SVU and Smallville. In 2010, she wrote her memoir, “Foxy: My Life in Three Acts,” which became a New York Times Bestseller. 2012 marks Grier’s third year of support for Dining Out For Life®.

“I support Dining Out for Life and I really think everyone should support it, “ says Daisy Martinez whose newest show on Food Network, Viva! Daisy, celebrates life and family through food. She demonstrates her vast knowledge of Latin cuisine as a regular columnist for Every Day with Rachael Ray and Selecciones magazines. This is her first year as a Dining Out For Life spokesperson.

Dining Out For Life International is sponsored by Subaru of America, Open Table and Cellit, as well as many other regional sponsors and media partners. More than 3,500 restaurants donate a portion of their proceeds from this special day of dining to the licensed AIDS service organization in their city. Nearly $4 million dollars is raised annually to support the missions of AIDS advocacy agencies throughout North America. And unlike many fundraisers, all money raised in each city stays there.

To find restaurants near you participating in Dining Out for Life, please visit The site will continue to be updated through March.

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Dine Out For Life 2012 PSA

Dining Out For Life, Ted Allen, Daisy Martinez and Pam Grier invite you to Dine Out for a cause in support of the FIGHT against AIDS. On April 26, 2012 hundreds of restaurants in the nation and in Canada will have a night of Dining For Cause and donate to local HIV/AIDS service organizations and programs.

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