Supporter of the Week: Kate Davidson

Each week, we will highlight a magnanimous Subaru driver who assists those affected by HIV/AIDS in their community. 

Kate Davidson, Volunteer/Communications Manager at House of Ruth in Louisville, KY

How long have you been a Subaru owner? I’ve been a proud owner of a Subaru Forester since December 2001. My Mom also owns a new Outback, which is her second Subaru and my brother used to drive an Outback too.

How do you help those affected by HIV/AIDS in your community? I am a Volunteer/Communications Manager at House of Ruth, a nonprofit organization that strengthens the lives of those with or affected by HIV/AIDS. My time is spent engaging community members in our mission and managing our print and online communications.

How do you use your Subaru vehicle to help? I use my Forester for work 5+ days a week, not only for basic transportation, but also for hauling materials for House of Ruth events like the Louisville AIDS Walk and Pet Walk, the Kentuckiana Pride Parade and Dining Out For Life. Because my Forester holds much more than a sedan, I use it whenever we need to move items like Dining Out For Life materials, donations for our Clothes Closet…and volunteers, too!

Are you a Subaru driver and Dining Out For Life advocate? Have you used your Subaru to distribute Dining Out For Life flyers, pick up friends for dinner on the big night or in some other creative way? Send your story and photos to

Photo 3

The Face Of Dining Out For Life



I am the face of Dining Out for Life,” says ambassador, Sara Poplau.


It’s the efforts of Poplau, and thousands of others around the country, who give Dining Out For Life a face and a smile while restaurant patrons dine out to raise funds for their local AIDS Service Organizations.


Poplau, a Minnesota native, was drawn to the HIV/AIDS cause at a young age. “In college, one of my friends was in a situation where she was exposed to the virus,” Poplau says. “We did a lot of self-education, but [10-15 years ago], there wasn’t a whole lot of information, except with the [AIDS Services] Organizations.”



It was at the AIDS Service Organization that Poplau became connected with volunteering for HIV/AIDS causes. “They were so kind and helpful, I wanted to give back.”


At my core, I volunteer to give back for what I got, and making sure that other people get the same thing when they’re in a stressful situation.” Now, Populau volunteers for the Aliveness Project in Minneapolis, MN.


Poplau is involved in several HIV/AIDS awareness efforts in addition to Dining Out for Life. She is the president of the Minnesota Latino HIV/AIDS network, where she works with other volunteers to provide testing throughout the city, and HIV/AIDS education in both Spanish and English.


As a volunteer with the Aliveness Project, Poplau participates in a Christmas basket program every year. “[Donors] can adopt a person or family” to purchase Christmas gifts for, and then Poplau, along with her father, deliver the baskets. “Just seeing the looks on some people’s faces who don’t have anyone to celebrate Christmas with, or the extra income,” Poplau says, “it’s just so heartwarming—they’re so excited.”


This year will be Poplau’s sixth year volunteering at Dining Out for Life. “It’s so fun; it’s like a party environment,” Poplau says. “Go out to eat, drink wine, eat dessert—live it up. How could you not want to be a part of that?”