Dining Out For Life and Subaru of America are proud to present designer Mondo Guerra’s second generation #Pozitivity project to foster hope and inspiration for those affected by HIV/AIDS. Mondo approached the #Pozitivity project with the idea that we view and respond to situations based on how we perceive them.  “I hope to demonstrate the idea that reality is a fluid concept,” says Guerra. “What we perceive as real is often defined by preconceived notions, attitudes and other influences. When I was first diagnosed with HIV, I could have chosen to see my status as devastating. Instead, I made a choice to live with HIV in ways that challenge and inspire me both as an artist and as an advocate.”

The #Pozitivity project utilizes a 360-degree video which consists of 62 newly created images, each representing a licensed Dining Out For Life AIDS Service Organization, and culminates with a black and white version of Mondo’s original purple and gold #Pozitivity print he created while on Project Runway (Season 8), where he revealed his HIV+ status. Viewers can change the angle of the imagery, altering their perception of the designs. For Guerra, this feature symbolizes how we view and respond to life’s circumstances.  The 360-degree video will be revealed on the Dining Out For Life Facebook and Youtube pages on World AIDS Day 2016 (December 1, 2016), and allows you to control the viewing direction and see the imagery as a panoramic, by simply dragging the video with your mouse, or turning your mobile device left & right.

“Living with HIV and working on a long-term wellness plan with my doctors and AIDS Service Organizations has changed my consciousness. I’ve made the choice to live each day with a positive spirit, and I’m positive that I am better for it. That’s the power of #Pozitivity that I hope to share and hope you will also share the video and embrace the power of #Pozitivity.” – Mondo Guerra