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Dining Out For Life - Los Angeles will return in 2019...

Benefiting APLA Health & Project Angel Food

Doing good has never tasted better!

The funds raised help APLA Health and Project Angel Food provide food, nutrition education, as well as essential medical care and social support services, to people living with HIV/AIDS.


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We invite you to participate in Dining Out for Life on Thursday, April 27, 2017 by dining at one of the restaurants listed below.  Please continue to support these amazing restaurants throughout the year.

Making a reservation at one of our great restaurants online? Be sure to tell the restaurant you're attending for Dining Out For Life!

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Dining Out For Life is a great time to invite your family and friends out to eat, organize lunch with your coworkers, or enjoy a night out on the town on Thursday, April 27!

Use the form below to email your friends and spread the word about Dining Out For Life today!

" ["is_active"]=> string(1) "0" ["sort_order"]=> string(1) "3" ["additional_options"]=> array(3) { ["form_active"]=> string(1) "1" ["form_message"]=> string(736) "Doing good has never tasted better! Please join me for Dining Out For Life on Thursday, April 27, 2017. There are a number of participating restaurants all across Los Angeles that will donate a portion of our breakfast, lunch, or dinner check to support the life-saving services APLA Health and Project Angel Food provide to tens of thousands of people every year. It's so easy to participate. Just make plans to dine out on Thursday, April 27, 2017, for breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner at one of the participating restaurants, and invite everyone you know to do the same! For more information, including a complete list of participating restaurants, visit http://www.diningoutforlife.com/losangeles or call 213.201.1561. Thank you!" ["form_subject"]=> string(31) "Join me for Dining Out For Life" } ["slug"]=> string(45) "invite-family-and-friends-to-join-you-for-din" } [4]=> array(9) { ["id"]=> string(3) "647" ["city_id"]=> string(3) "117" ["page_type"]=> string(1) "4" ["title"]=> string(91) "Volunteers make Dining Out For Life® a great success for APLA Health + Project Angel Food!" ["content"]=> string(1198) "

We invite you to join our team as a Dining Out For Life® ambassador! Ambassadors represent APLA Health + Project Angel Food at an assigned participating restaurant, greeting diners, collecting donation envelopes, and talking to them about the mission of each organization. By being an ambassador, you can help increase our individual contributions at each restaurant by giving diners an opportunity to make a personal contribution while dining. Recruit a friend to work your shift with you and make it a fun night (or day) out! 

Thanks to the efforts of volunteer ambassadors, diners may become long-term donors, volunteers, or even clients. Being an ambassador is an incredibly easy way to make a big impact in a little bit of time, and we’ll give you all the tools and information you need to be successful. It’s the passion and heart that our ambassadors share with diners that allow this event to be such a success!

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Want to make a difference to those affected by HIV and AIDS, and support APLA Health + Project Angel Food?

You can still donate today! 

Click HERE to make a donate and change lives in LA County.

Thank -you! 

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Win 4 tickets to a LA Rams game and a $1000 gift card to Pavilions! 

Thank you for supporting Dining Out For Life® ! To show our appreciation, we're offering everyone who dines out on April 27, 2017, or who makes a donation to APLA Health in support of Dining Out For Life, the opportunity to win!

There are three ways to enter:

  • Fill out an entry envelope while dining at a participating restaurant. Simply ask a volunteer ambassador at your restaurant (or a restaurant manager, if no ambassador is present) for an entry envelope. No purchase or donation is necessary to enter or win.
  • OR...get entered automatically when you make a gift by texting “dineout” to 41444 between April 1 and May 31, 2017.
  • OR...get entered automatically when you donate via this website between April 1 and May 31, 2017.  Enter “dineout” in the reference field.
  • OR...email your name, address, and phone number to tcampbell@apla.org with "Contest Entry" in subject line to be automatically entered. 


ENTRY: No purchase or donation necessary to enter or win. One entry per person. You may enter the contest by completing and returning the entry form available at participating Dining Out For Life® restaurants located in the Los Angeles area on April 27, 2017. Alternately, all individuals who make a donation to APLA Health by texting “dineout” to 41444 during the contest period will automatically be entered to win. You must be eighteen (18) years or older at the time of entry to be eligible for this Contest. Incomplete or illegible entries are ineligible and disqualified. The contest starts on Saturday, April 1, 2017, and closes on Wednesday, May 31, 2017 (the “Contest Period”).
WINNER SELECTION: Odds of winning will depend on the number of entries. The winner will be selected from among all qualified, timely entries in a random drawing to be held by June 30, 2017. Winner will be notified by email or phone. If the winner is unable to be contacted (or does not respond) via email or telephone within 30 days of initial notification, the prize will be forfeited and will be awarded to an alternate winner. Prize is non-transferable.
ODDS OF WINNING: Odds of winning a Prize depend on the total number of eligible entries received and are equal regardless of method of entry.
GENERAL CONDITIONS: Participation in the drawing contest constitutes acceptance of these contest rules and permission for use of winners’ names and place of employment for purposes of advertising, promotion and publicity utilizing the media of the Sponsor’s choice without additional compensation.
PRIZE: Four (4) tickets to a mutually agreed upon LA Rams game during the 2018 season. One (1) $1,000 gift card (or multiple gift cards totaling $1,000) from Pavilions. Prize may not be used for lottery or gift card purchases. Other restrictions may apply; see store for details. No substitutions or cash redemption of prize as offered except as provided herein.
LIMITATIONS OF LIABILITY: By entering, participants release and hold harmless APLA Health and Project Angel Food and its directors, officers, employees, and agents, from any and all liability, injuries, losses or damages of any kind caused by any prize or incurred with respect to the awarding, acceptance, receipt, possession, and/or use or misuse of any prize and acknowledge that LA Rams, Pavilions, APLA Health, and Project Angel Food are not liable for any warranty, representation, or guarantee, express or implied, in fact or in law, relative to any prize, including but not limited to its quality, mechanical condition or fitness for a particular purpose.
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APLA Health’s mission is to achieve health care equity and promote well-being for the LGBT and other underserved communities and people living with and affected by HIV.


We provide free and low-cost services to more than 14,000 people every year in L.A. County, including:

  • Physicals, cancer screenings, chronic disease management, and more
  • Dental care, including X-rays, checkups, fillings
  • Behavioral health care, including mental health and substance abuse counseling
  • HIV testing
  • PrEP counseling & management
  • STD screening & treatment
  • Health education & HIV prevention services
  • Vaccinations
  • Help with health insurance coverage


For people living with HIV/AIDS, we promote self-sufficiency to support better medical outcomes and to keep people in care. Services for people living with HIV include:

  • Benefits counseling
  • Case management services
  • Clientline
  • Housing support
  • Home health care
  • HIV medical care
  • Vance North Necessities of Life Program food pantries & nutrition education


28% African American, 39% Hispanic, 29% white

68% live on less than $12,000 per year. (The federal poverty level is $11,700 per year.)

62% are over the age of 45.


APLA Health’s policy work educates the public, elected officials, and policy-makers about the critical needs of the HIV/AIDS, LGBTQ, and other underserved communities. We also focus attention on the programs, policies, legislation, and funding that impact these populations on the local, state, and federal levels.


APLA Health provides health and support services from 15 locations across Los Angeles County. We provide medical, dental, and behavioral health care services at locations in Mid-City, Baldwin Hills, Downtown, Long Beach, South L.A., and West Hollywood. We provide HIV support services in Baldwin Hills, Mid-City, West Hollywood, and via eight Vance North Necessities of Life Program (NOLP) food pantries across the county. Our Gleicher/Chen Health Center in Baldwin Hills and our Long Beach Health Center are full-service, federally qualified health centers staffed by providers who understand the needs of the LGBTQ community. Services are available in English and Spanish.

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Project Angel Food is the leading nonprofit delivering free meals to people who are struggling with serious illness in the Greater Los Angeles area. The staff and volunteers at Project Angel Food serve and deliver more than 10,000 free and nutritious meals every week throughout Los Angeles County.


Project Angel Food’s mission is to nourish the body and spirit of men, women and children who are debilitated by disease and struggling with serious illness such as cancer, heart disease, HIV/AIDS, renal failure and stoke.


  • We are the only daily meal delivery program serving all of Los Angeles County.
  • We cook and deliver more than 10,000 meals every week, free of charge, and have delivered more than 10 million meals since our inception in 1989.
  • Our meals are tailored to each medical condition by on-staff registered dieticians and are cooked by professional chefs using the highest quality ingredients with the help of our many devoted volunteers.
  • The people we serve range in age from 16-102, and represent the diversity of Los Angeles with more than 79% being people of color, 71% live below poverty level and more than half live alone.
  • Through our new Urban Gardens initiative, we are now growing fresh produce in community gardens and plots of vacant land in Los Angeles, which are used in our meals.
  • The full cost of each meal, which includes fresh ingredients, packaging, cooking and delivery, is about $5.
  • We believe that it is important to nourish the soul as well as the body of someone struggling with a life-threatening illness.
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Dining Out For Life - Los Angeles will return in 2019...

Benefiting APLA Health & Project Angel Food

Doing good has never tasted better!

The funds raised help APLA Health and Project Angel Food provide food, nutrition education, as well as essential medical care and social support services, to people living with HIV/AIDS.



Dining Out For Life Event Date:

April 25, 2019