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Our local spokespersons for Dining Out for Life 2019 are back!  Paige Kelton and Derrick Odom from our very own Action team!

“Join me for a wonderful night out to champion a monumental cause.   Help us keep up the fight against HIV/AIDS, and support the men and women who provide care and support for those living with the disease.   This affects each and every one of us.  Dining Out for Life is your opportunity to make a difference, while enjoying a delicious meal at a local eatery.” 

 Paige Kelton

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CBS47/FOX30 Action News

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'Hello Jacksonville,

The time has come around again for a great and unique program that makes it easy for you to get involved in your community. It's NFAN's Dining out for Life and it makes it simple for you to join in the fight against HIV/AIDS here at home. The number of people affected by this disease unfortunately continues to grow as does the cost to help care for people who have few if any other options for care.  By supporting this effort, simply by a having a great meal at a discounted price you can play a major part in NFAN's misson.

Please join me in supporting this cause and making a difference here in Northeast Florida.' 

Thank You,

Derrick Odom

Traffic Anchor

CBS47/FOX30 Action News

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