About The Damien Center

What is The Damien Center? As Indiana's oldest and largest HIV/AIDS Service Organization, The Damien Center is a leader in HIV prevention and care. We believe passionately in the dignity and worth of every person who seeks our services. We strive to be a safe and welcoming place so that no barriers separate people from the services they need to prolong and enhance their lives, in order to achieve undetectable viral loads so clients are no longer infectious to others, and can experience long and healthy lives.

Concurrently, we work tirelessly on services for education, outreach, free testing, counseling and PrEP preventive medication to diminish new infections for our region.

Our mission?  Our mission is to empower communities and persons affected by HIV/AIDS in the state of Indiana by being a leading resource, provider, and advocate for comprehensive HIV/AIDS care, prevention, education, and related services.

Questions? Visit or contact us:

The Damien Center
26 N. Arsenal Ave. | Indianapolis, IN | 46201