Thank You for Dining Out with Project Open Hand!

Thank you for dining out with us at our second annual Dining Out for Life Oakland. We are grateful that you joined us for a day filled with flavorful bits, delicious drinks, and a heartfelt energy to help our neighbors living with HIV/AIDS.

All money raised by your dining experience makes a local impact, benefiting the sick and vulnerable throughout our Oakland community. 

Thanks to you and the thousands of dollars you raised, we can provide even more healthy meals and nutrition services to clients who experience food insecurity while managing a chronic illness. Your support helps spread the word about the value of the “Food is Medicine” movement in the Bay Area and across California.

Project Open Hand

1921 San Pablo Ave

Oakland, CA 94612
Contact Person: Meghan Langham

“Project Open Hand food is consistent. It is someone else saying, ‘You’re worth being on this planet, and you’re supported.’ We need to take care of each other.” ~Michael “Kitten”

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