New Haven

Ambassador Guide

You will be serving as a representative of APNH at participating Dining Out For Life Restaurant on Thursday, April 25, 2019
Sound like FUN?!  Contact Fran to sign up now!
Here are some important steps for you to follow
As an ambassador you should visit your assigned restaurant prior to the event to introduce yourself to the staff and let them know you will arrive 30 minutes before your meal shift begins.
Arrange to pick up your ambassador bag at APNH containing the materials you will need for the night of the event.
Invite your friends, clients, co-workers, everyone you know to join you at your restaurant and have them make their reservations now! Use your “social media (Facebook, Twitter) to get the word out.
Publicize the event. If someone tells you they are unable to attend, be sure to follow up with a donation envelope.
Connecting with your restaurant and your own contacts are key to your success!

Dress appropriately for your restaurant.
Bring your bag of materials with you to your restaurant.
Arrive at your restaurant 30 minutes before your scheduled shift - check in with the owner/manager to remind them of your role, introduce yourself to the wait staff and be
sure to thank them.
Find a place for your personal belongings, get your materials organized, and be ready for your first diner.
• Please enjoy a meal, drink only in moderation

Greet and welcome the diners as they enter the restaurant if possible.
It is critical that you approach every diner after they have ordered their drinks and
before their meal arrives. This is the time for you to talk about Dining Out for Life. The personal touch goes a long way!

Have fun and thank your guests for supporting Dining Out and APNH!
Contact Info:
Fran @(203) 430 -7030 Chris (328) 697-0611

After Your Shift:
Thank your restaurant staff for participating in DOFL.
Be sure you have all the raffle envelopes and that they are marked with your name and the name of your restaurants. Collect all your supplies and materials.
Plan to drop off your envelopes and supplies at APNH after 7 pm.
If you cannot come to APNH by 11 pm, you must make prior arrangements with Fran @
(203) 430 -7030 or Chris (328) 697-0611 to turn in your envelopes and supplies.
If Problems Arise:
Dining Out For Life is critical to APNH’s role in our community.
• If a crisis arises which prevents you from fulfilling your responsibility as an Ambassador, contact Fran or Chris immediately. Please offer a replacement, if possible.
An open position is lost revenue for APNH and a negative experience for your restaurant.
If you run out of materials on the day of the event, contact Fran or Chris