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Dine, Donate, and WIN!

Prize Drawing - Donation envelopes and online donors will be entered to win from the following prizes:


Pairs of tickets to Janet Jackson State of the World Tour at Rupp on December 4th

Sound of Music Live at the Opera House on November 18

Burger Fi Gift Card, Target Gift Cards, Amazon Gift Card, WKYT Party Chairs, Woodford Reserve Distillery Tour passes, Suzanne Ziegler signed and numbered print “10” at Saratoga, and Kiehl’ Skin Care Gift Baskets

*Employees and Board members of AVOL and their household members are not eligible

Gift donations courtesy of Kiehl’s, iHeart Radio, WKYT, Woodford Reserve, Jon Parker and David Bugg, Burger Fi, and anonymous.

Thank you to all of our prize donors! Prize winners will be notified by phone or email on September 15th.

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Are You Ready? Dining Out For Life® is Almost Here!

Dining Out For Life 2016

A Community Celebration to Benefit AVOL
Thursday, September 15
Presented by Woodford Reserve

To sign up to host a restaurant, just send an email to jon@avolky.org and let us know your name, where you plan to dine, how many in your party, and estimated time. This is not a reservation however it will be helpful to share with restaurant staff in advance. For reservations please contact the restaurant directly. Thank you for helping make the most of Dining Out For Life.

Hosting is fun! Dining Out For Life® 2013. Photo: Brian Hawkins

Helpful Host Tips

Check Off Your Contact List.

Review your contacts on email, Facebook, and Linked In. Use list serves, phone lists, and that rubber banded notebook in the back of your desk drawer. Send one last shout out asking friends, family, even perfect strangers to attend your restaurant during your shift.

Know Your Restaurant, Know Your Shift.

As a guideline, AVOL considers the breakfast shift to be from 7am to 9am, the lunch shift to be from 10:30am to 1:30pm, and the dinner shift to be from 4:30pm to 10pm. Please double check the specific shift hours of your restaurant, and let your guests know when they can come. Ideally hosts will be present for the full shift, but if not, please be present during the busiest period of your shift.

Greet Your Ambassadors.

At each restaurant during each shift, a talented team of Ambassadors will be working the room, educating guests about Dining Out For Life® and AVOL, and distributing donation envelopes. Say hello to these fine folks and introduce them to your guests. They are important players on your fundraising team.

Prep Your Guests That Dining Out For Life® is a Fundraiser.

Don’t be shy in asking your invitees to bring their checkbooks. Let them know there will be donation envelopes on the table. Let them know they may make a donation online at avolky.org/dofl. Your Official Dining Out For Life® restaurant donates 25% of your bill to AVOL, but personal contributions are critical to making the event a success.

Tell Your Guests Where Their Money is Going.

Here are some talking points to educate invitees why supporting AVOL is urgent and important:

  • AVOL collaborates with communities to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS and to empower those affected.
  • AVOL provides housing for over 400 low-income Kentuckians in 72 counties in central and eastern Kentucky who are at risk for homelessness without AVOL’s help.
  • AVOL provides hundreds of free HIV tests to people at risk each year. AVOL helps connect clients to proper medical care and supportive services.
  • AVOL operates two housing facilities in Fayette County: Solomon House, a community residence for people with AIDS, and Rainbow Apartments, an apartment complex that helps people living with HIV/AIDS transition safely from homelessness to permanent housing.
  • AVOL provides HIV prevention education, outreach, and free condoms to groups as diverse as fraternities and sororities, LGBT organizations, nursing homes, college campuses, churches, and high school gay-straight alliances.
  • AVOL helps low-income people with HIV/AIDS pay their utility bills, find transportation to medical appointments, and get enough food to eat.
  • Most of AVOL’s clients live on less than $800 a month.
  • Every day in Kentucky a new person is infected with HIV/AIDS. Every 10 minutes a new person is infected in the US.
  • African-Americans and Latinos are disproportionately impacted by HIV/AIDS.
  • In most populations, rates of new HIV infections are holding steady, but among young gay/bi men 18-24, HIV infections are on the rise.
  • AVOL is a safety net for men and women with HIV/AIDS. Without AVOL, many low-income men and women with HIV/AIDS would find themselves homeless, without access to care, and at risk for serious infection or death.
  • Supporting AVOL provides a life line to those folks in our community who are most vulnerable and most at risk.

Make Some Noise On Social Media.

Please check yourself and your guests in when you arrive at your restaurant. Take lots and lots of pictures (of each other, your food, mysterious strangers across the room…) Use the hashtags: #lexdofl and #dofl to let folks know you’re participating. Please tag AVOL as well. Remember, this is a community celebration!

AVOL’s Social Media Handles

  •  Facebook: avol.kentucky
  • Twitter: @avolky
  • Instagram: @avol.ky
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Official After Party - Soundbar

208 S. Limestone

open 4:30 pm to Midnight

Comedy acts at 9 pm

Closing Ceremonies around 11 pm



$1 Raffles

Pair of tickets to Janet Jackson State of the World Tour at Rupp on December 4th

$100 Visa gift card

Kiehl's skin care gift baskets

AVOL employees, Board members, and their households are not eligible. 

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AVOL needs your help as we move closer to Dining Out For on September 15, 2016. Each Dining Out For Life volunteer will receive this year's commemorative DOFL t-shirt. 

volunteer tshirts volunteer tshirts

 AVOL Ambassadors - Dining Out For Life, September 15th - AVOL's Dining Out For Life Ambassadors work directly in each restaurant throughout the day of the event. Wearing AVOL's iconic red apron, Ambassadors greet diners, thank them for attending, sharing a little about AVOL's services, and asking them to make a personal donation. Ambassadors are the heart and soul of Dining Out For Life. Ambassadors have assertive and friendly personalities, love interacting with people, and can express a genuine and warm appreciation for the impact every diner makes. 

Ambassador Sign Up


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On Thursday, September 14th our locally-loved Dining Out For Life restaurants will donate 25% of your bill to support AVOL (AIDS Volunteers, Inc.) in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Make your plans today, call ahead and make a reservation, plan to eat ALL DAY!

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Use this to email a friend about Dining Out For Life on September 14, 2017 in support of AVOL!

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Dine Out. End HIV.



Dining Out For Life Event Date:

September 13, 2018