The Damien Center's DOFL is April 27, 2017!!

Thank you for supporting The Damien Center, Indianapolis, IN, by dining at one of the 58 participating coffee shops, restaurants, or late night spots last spring, on Thursday, April 28, 2016!

We hope you join us again this year, when we celebrate on Thursday, April 27, 2017. Until March, we will leave our 2016 restaurant list and map open, in case you want to visit one of our supporting restaurants from 2016.

Visit to discover what The Damien Center is doing for the care and prevention of HIV in central Indiana, to find out about free and confidential HIV and STI/(STD) testing, or to sign up to volunteer. And of course, we are grateful for any financial support you can provide to help us serve our mission.

Thank you for supporting The Damien Center's services in central Indiana!

Dining Out For Life Event Date:

April 28, 2016